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  Electric Scooter

Captain Bill's Whiz Bang Electric Scooter-Quality Scooter!                            

Priced at $399 Quality Scooter!

Be Just a Kid Again - Remember the fun you had the first time you cruised down that really steep hill on your two-wheeler? It was almost like flying. Well, your Capn Billys Whiz Bang gives you that power-of-gravity rush anywhere!

Only Better - Simply push off, press the thumb action speed control and feel your Capn Billys Whiz Bang accelerate to speeds of 13-15 mph. The powerful and quiet 24 volt, 450 watt motor is coupled to a sturdy frame and super-sized deck, giving you the power to climb hills, the comfort to find your own riding style and the handling to whiz from here to there and back again. With Capn Billys Whiz Bang, the Future is Electric!


Powerful & Quiet 24 Volt, 450 watt Motor
Quick-Fold for Easy Transport
Spacious Deck for Multiple Riding Styles
Fully Recharges for Less Than a Dime
Thumb-Action Speed Control
Adjustable Handlebar Height
No tools required for assembly.


24 volt DC permanent magnet


Dual 12 volt, 10 amp hour sealed lead acid

Electronic Control:

Current response power-manager type to optimize performance and battery life


Fiber reinforced rubber gear belt

Frame & Deck:

Frame tubing - 1-1/4 steel with 1-/1/8 steel front fork
Deck - High impact ABS

Wheels & Tires:

Wheels - Aluminum hubs & rims, 14g stainless steel spokes
Tires - Pneumatic 12-1/2 X 2-1/4


Front, V-style
Rear, 80 mm band style
Brake levers with safety power cutoffs


Full under-frame design for maximum support

Safety Start:

No On/Off switch required.
Simply push off to 3 mph (5 kph) and engage thumb action speed control

Maximum Speed:

13-15 mph (20-24 kph)


51 long X 10 wide X 40 high (24 high, folded)


50 Lbs. (22.7Kg)

Operating Temperature:

40F (4.5C) to 100F (38C)

Battery Charger:

Transformer - 120 VAC 60 Hz @ 1 Amp (220 VAC 50 Hz Available)
Charger - Built-in self-regulator prevents over-charging
Full recharge - Within 5 hours for less than a dime

Tire Pump:

Included to help maintain proper tire pressures

Riders Profile:

13 years & older, over 4 tall, under 250 lbs.

Color Options:

Silver frame with red deck.
Blue frame with black deck.


Scooter - 12 months from date of purchase
Batteries - 6 months from date of purchase